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 I am a Christian, author, parent, survivor, martial artist, scuba diver and outdoor enthusiast.

I write action adventure books for 8-12yr olds (Middle grade).

The story in my books advocate determination and action to overcome a bullying problem, and can be used as a fictional aid to help build confidence in children who are being bullied.

I am a member of the Australian Society of Authors and the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

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I grew up in South Africa, attending boarding school at Jeppe high school for boys.

Later in life I moved to the UK for 14 years, before finally settling in sunny Australia.

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I hold a black belt in Wado-ryu karate, one of four traditional styles from Japan that incorporates both karate and jiujitsu. I have also dabbled in other styles like Goju-ryu and Shuai Jiao (traditional Chinese wrestling). Like the main character in my books, I have used my training to overcome some very difficult experiences in my life, including a near fatal car crash which left me partially paralyzed.

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My writing began when my children kept asking ‘tell us a made-up story, Dad!’ As a result, I began writing during work lunch breaks to keep up with their demand. Kid’s lives at school can be tough enough nowadays, so my goal was always to remove the stresses of their day by stimulating their imagination and transporting them to entirely new and exciting worlds.

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I was an avid reader and my writing was influenced by the likes of Enid Blyton’s “Secret Seven” and “Famous Five” series’ which I read a young boy. My father instilled a love of the outdoors in me from a young age, enjoying camping and fishing, as well as the lure of the wild open spaces in Namibia as I grew into my teenage years. My adult reading enjoyed the fast-paced action and intrigue of Wilbur Smith and Geoffrey Jenkins. I have always been drawn to outdoor adventures in far flung places, so it is no surprise that my own children’s books follow a similar pattern.

Besides being an anti-bullying advocate, I have a desire to encourage reading in middle grade children, stimulating their imaginations to find the same enjoyment in action adventure stories that I enjoyed as a young boy. I firmly believe that prolific reading when growing up has immensely improved my vocabulary and command of the English language, and I wish to encourage children to do the same.

 My first book in the Goringas  series encourages imaginative thought, confidence and self-esteem through relatable characters and all-too-familiar bullying scenarios.

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My favourite radio station is Hope 103.2. Click on the image below to go to their website. You can download their mobile app or listen online (available in a variety of formats)



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